Tips for Improving Self Esteem

Self esteem truly shapes our life, it builds confidence and allow you to really just be who you are. It allows you be a true self in every way. Few tips which can help improve once Self Esteem are mentioned below:

Stop Comparing

Stop comparing yourself with someone else’s  big salary, family life, perfect looks, ripped six pack whatever everyone on  occasion falls victim to feeling inadequate. The very most important thing to boost self esteem is to throw such kind of feelings out of the window. Always be your own person and love the skin you are in.

Keep your thoughts positive

Constantly think positive as it will reinforce feeling of superiority and happiness. Always look for your strengths in everyday life and make a practice to endeavor pat yourself on the back for all your amazing qualities .You have to create a habit of self appreciation by doing it every morning. Congratulate yourself in every victory. By doing all this it will grow greater feelings of self worth. Asserting your confidence with a statement when you repeat an affirmation you are confirming a belief in yourself out loud. Make a list of affirmative factors in you that will boost your self esteem in a way to grow self worth.

Accept all compliments

Accept all compliments by saying thank you. If you avoid compliment by saying nothing or it’s not a big deal then you sabotage the self esteem. So stop devaluing your worth and instead accept it by saying thank you in this manner you give value to yourself worth.

Find yourself with positivity

Always do the activities that make you feel good, read books that inspire you, watch movies that will make you laugh; watch movies that would inspire you by doing this it will generate positive energy in your mind.

Associate with supportive people

Stay with people who love you, hang out with people who accept you unconditionally and respect who you are. By the way people won’t respect you for who you are until you respect yourself for who you are, so work towards that goal first.

Do Good for others

Day to day life give us opportunities to do good deeds for others. It could be someone who needs help opening a door, someone who needs help finding exact change for that vending machine in your office room, etc. So whatever the situation is it doesn’t matter how big or small, choose to help when you can and you will feel better for it.

Incorporating few of such tips could go a long way in improving once Self Esteem.


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